About guns

Some questions:

What keeps the people who support the second amendment from noticing that if everyone has guns (or there are lots of guns) we get more death from guns?  Are they that blind, or is it just their congress people who are so beholden to the NRA?

If its the people in congress, why do they get re-elected?  Are they that slick and awash in money to buy votes or are voters dumb about them?

How come the people who are trying to be the next president would rather posture about the outrageous shortcomings of the current president than offer him some respect, some cooperation and some better ideas.  It's a shame that instead they disrespect the victims by their screaming to get into office.

Why do we not insist on licensing having a gun, like we do with having a car?  We don't prevent car ownership by licensing drivers.  Related to that; why don't we have laws, rules that limit gun owners, like we do car drivers?  If you go through a red light, drive recklessly, you might not be caught but if you are there are consequences.