The Trumpeter Swan

Donald Trump will be running to be president. He is a reflection of how both parties, but especially the Republicans have "played" the people, not represented them. They have neglected people so that jobs have been lost, income has stagnated, roads, schools, bridges have been neglected, college is still unaffordable.  Instead congress has catered to rich people and companies, whose interests are expressed in big donations that clearly buy them undue influence. There really is no conservative party or liberal party any more. There are just beggars for donations. That's why approval ratings for congress are so low and there is so much willingness to vote angry, i.e. choose Trump as a candidate.  

He is clearly an ignorant, spiteful fool who should not be entrusted with the country's future or security.  But, again, he is what comes of congress' neglect and vanity. I truly hope that come election time, people do not vote their anger; but rather vote for the person who could do the least harm (a very modest goal indeed).  The worst news perhaps is that even if a relatively more capable, less crazy person becomes president, there still will be congress and a supreme court that protects their mania for money through decisions like Citizens United. My greater hope is that we will throw out many of those bums and get a better supreme court with a decent, competent president.