Becoming 75

It helps to have a sense of humor (if you can still do things like remember and count).  Here'a a piece i wrote about the value of that sense of humor.

Inside Jokes                                                

My friend Alan asks me

did you hear the one about?...

I’m always on the lookout

for little pleasures,

trust his offer,

suspend my need to doubt,

hope for a surprise,

allow his story in about

            Three people in a lifeboat, or

            Two Jews walk into a bar, or

            How fat was she…,

then his punch line hits,

a sudden twist,

I have been fooled.

The light pops inside my ear

careens down to my belly.

My breath jumps out.

I’m unaware of time or anything,

just my laugh,

like having sex

but friendlier, less messy.