Ideas That Matter: Idea #1 Voting Matters More Than Protests and Especially More Than Party

There are ideas that matter and others that matter way less. Yesterday's protests, even the ones that say they are defending the second amendment are statements coming from all of us. They will matter more when they turn into votes. Those votes will say who we really want to represent us. And that will maybe change things, even at the federal level. 

My side of the debate? I was struck by how right the kids were, how articulate they were and how media savvy they are. That last feature, i hope will give them influence that other protests have not mustered. That influence will be important in hopefully mobilizing current voters to vote and these new ones to vote in record numbers.

My view of the path ahead? It's really not about defending the second amendment. That amendment, like it or not, guarantees people the right to bear arms. It does NOT say that right is unlimited, just as the first amendment does NOT guarantee unlimited speech. When speech incites violence, it is not protected. When guns make deadly violence against other people, the second amendment gun ownership should not be protected. 

So, no bump stocks, no assault weapons, more background checks, higher age limits and longer waiting periods are simply to protect us against unrestricted gun ownership. Many people agree; these thoughts are coherent, defensible and will matter more when they reach others and then we turn them into votes.