If the Buddha had a blog

The Happy Buddha’s Blog          

“I’m like so into Buddhism; it’s my only religion.” Anonymous follower


It’s nice having a whole religion named after you

but you’d think someone would ask What’s he really like?

If he lived a life of contemplation and deprivation

how come he’s fat in some pictures?

Of course I look content, after all Nirvana is Nirvana.

But I know what you’re thinking

why not take the middle way

not let myself get overweight?


You know what it’s about?

People come to me

give me love offerings, lots of them. 

I get flowers, berries, fruits and nuts

veggies raw and cooked

bread and cakes

oh those cakes, every day.

Who am I to say no?

People bring a cake

you don’t say No. That’s not my favorite cake. 

You eat it.


So I spent years meditating and teaching

and eating. 

I made it to Nirvana.

I’m here now, very present

so there’s a lot of me here and now 

but people don’t ask about the whole me. 

They see the grin, they want to get here too.

If they’d ask about my weight I could explain

I’d feel like they knew the real me.

I guess I have to let it go.

Even in Nirvana I still have work to do.

That Dharma Path

full of surprises.