The Looks of Love A Poem that was just accepted for publication

The Looks of Love                            

In the beginning was our fresh erotic clamor.  Phosphoric flashes exploded through our doubts                                                                                                  blinded and consumed us.                                                                                                                        In the mornings we awoke longing once again, hungry                                                                            for the danger and the wonder in each other’s flesh.                                                                                        

Then we turned to fateful choices  giving up our blood and juices into babies aliens who conquered spaces we once called our own. We reveled in their laughter and their triumphs. The years have helped us blur the endless tending   to their cries and smells and disappointments.

Now our evening mirror shows this older couple         who have kept on all these years worn smooth like stones in flowing rivers  rounded from the flow of countless days. We touch each other still  although less frequent, more distracted.

We’ve traveled all these places fitfully and sometimes self immersed  but kept on showing up because we said we would. We plan, we laugh, we fight and then repair  worry to each other, to ourselves choose to still believe there will be ways to love ahead.